Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day at the Beach

I'm very much enjoying my chill weekend time in Tel Aviv. On Saturdays it's shabbat and that means everyone in this city heads to the sea. Today was no exception. I woke up early and my friend Ori who is a soldier from my birthright program picked me up and we went to Herzilya- a town about 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv. The beaches are nicer, less crowded and apparently people are more adventurous (the spot we hit there were tons of jet skis and wind surfers - YUM)

I also played paddle ball for the first time in this country. The knocking sound of a rubber ball against wooden paddles is as soothing as the crashing waves here in the holy land. Everyone plays this game and it's way harder then these fit Israeli's make it seem. Ori is Israeli and he was awful so he has no excuse but I was very bad too.

After dancing, playing, swimming and napping in the sun Ori said goodbye because he had to go back to Army in Haifa. I decided instead of taking a bus that I would walk the hour and a half back to Tel Aviv. It was a beautiful walk as the sun set but I ran into a gate that stopped me from my destination, had to back track and hour and take a sherut anyway.

For dinner I took the people from Chicago in the room next to me to a delicious dinner of meat kebabs and condiment spreads at a bistro called Libra on Ben Yehuda street. We had amazing sorbet from the Iceberg ice cream shop and now i'm passing out early (1:30am) to figure out my ticket to Greece in the morning and where I will be spending the next few days (either up north in Haifa or off to Jerusalem.)

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