Monday, December 15, 2008

Stitch and Bitch

Alas, fabulous music venue The Knitting Factory will be closing it's NYC location come January 1, 2009. The club, which also has a location in Hollywood, will supposedly re-open in Brooklyn. 

I've seen a Xui Xui concert here, when some guy opened who billed himself as "Your mother has cancer" proceeded to yell that over and over into a microphone. I also had a ridiculous party night here and snuck into a reggae show/Queer as Folk hardcore party!? 

Yep, you could pretty much find the craziest stuff at this three floor venue. I'm dying to see a final show before the doors close for good, I just pray they don't turn the space into condos or apartments. 

I can't believe I missed Q-tip play here with Busta Rhymes in October. Damn. 

Here's some greatness coming up before the end:

1. December 17:  Michael Showalter, Jon Glaser and Eugene Mirman bid farewell to the Knit, music from Tigers and Monkeys

2. December 19: Rakim and other great hip hop and rap acts

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