Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santacon NYC 2008

I want to say 2,000 people but I'm bad at approximating numbers so I'm just going to say A LOT of people converged on NYC dressed as Santa Clause on December 13, 2008. Among many landmarks we hit the public library, Rockefeller Center for the X-mas tree, South Street Seaport and the Staten Island Ferry. Drinking commenced at 10am at 33rd street between 6th and 7th and I'm sure did not end until much later. I took a name around 6pm. This event happened around the country but my friend Julia in San Francisco said the NYC one looked way bigger. 

My favorite part of the whole day: everyone was asked to bring canned food to donate at the beginning of the crawl. I brought three items but I saw people with entire sacks of food to donate. That's a lot of baked beans :) 

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