Monday, December 8, 2008

Cloister and Fort Tryon Park

Even in winter this Bronx park is an oasis from the stress of life in an urban jungle. 

The Cloisters are a satelite of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's ancient relics collection in the middle of Fort Tryon park. Less crowded that central park with views of the river and bridge. You can drive here up the Henry Hudson Parkway. You can take the subway or a bus. But anyway you can get here - just do it. It's a beautiful little secret for a lot of people. 

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  1. Jessica, you rock, I miss you! your blog is awesome by the way, i check up on it once in a while. Let's me know what's REALLY going on in the states :). The news is so biased in unfavorable ways. You are a very talented writer as well! i hope life is treating you wonderfully. love you, alex