Thursday, April 2, 2009

Party in Berlin - A DREAM

This is the party section. The DJ's girlfriend recommended the following spots along with others I found interesting to hit while in Berlin:

Bar 25 - Summer after hours spot on the water. Many scenes in "Berlin Calling" take place here and it looks AMAZING! People recommend the rope swing?!

Kiki Blofeld - not recommended to me but found this bar on a web site that also sounds great. 
Outdoor bar across from Bar 25 on Spree River. Relaxed, far less posh with different areas: sandy beach, outdoor dance area, restaurant and pool table. 

Panorama Bar - Many sites about Berlin mention this club as one of the best in the city if not all of Europe. It's open on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight but doesn't get going till around 5am. Doormen are supposedly strict and do not want to let tourists into their club. 

Maria am Ostbahnhof (MARIA)  - Also appears a bunch in Berlin Calling. You can see the big M in the background of a lot of the shots. SO FUN! 

Watergate - Reviewers note great views of the Spree River and floor to ceiling windows1

Other clubs noted elsewhere: Tresor, Sage Club, 90 Grad, Cafe Burger, Cafe Moskau, Club der polnischen Versager.

To get in touch w/ my source: simina.grigoria (u?)

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