Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hip hop splinters into the future

Music critic for the New Yorker and my personal idol teaches me a lot about new artists and music trends. His recent article December 1 issue talks of 

Steven Ellison, LA based producer, works under the name Flying Lotus and released an album this year entitled "Los Angeles." I own this album and I love it. Perfect mix of electronic and psychedelic beats with hip hop rhythms. Ellison has worked with a variety of artists including A Tribe Called Quest and Erykah Badu. Frere-Jones points out the song "The Reckoner" as a highlight featured on the above myspace page. Click the link! 

Mike Slott  and Hudson Mohawke (song Zoo000oom) from the LuckyMe collective in Glasgow are also mentioned. 

From a previous column: 
Megasoid: Party music from Montreal. 

And from Jamie's recommendation of this Milwaukee hip hop act: 

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