Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cable Takes Over My Life

So I've recently been watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on This is a hilarious show now in it's fourth season featuring four friends that own a bar in Philly. Danny Devito is genius on the show so you should catch it Thursday nights at 10pm and re-run at 11pm on Fx. 

I was watching Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart's election coverage Tuesday night and thought about how Colbert was amazing in Strangers With Candy. A friend reminded me that both Colbert and Office star Steve Carrel both got their start on the Dana Carvey Show.. a prime time sketch comedy review back in 1996. Well the one and only season of the DC show is on Hulu too. Check out crazy hairstyles and denim jackets, OJ Simpson jokes and Ross Perot and Strom Thurmond impressions. 

I've also been watching more and more television since moving to the suburbs. However, it can't be helped with shows like The Office and 30 Rock. At least I'm only watching on one night, Thursday. This reminds me of high school when I would wait for Seinfeld on Thursdays.  

I wish Arrested Development was still on the air!

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