Friday, October 10, 2008

Where I may put my next bed: Bushwish, Brooklyn

So I hear Bushwick, Brooklyn is the new place to live. Status-pushers refer to it as East Williamsburg but if you look on an MTA subway map, it's more like East Bed-Stuy. I sat next to a very charming academic woman on a flight from SF - NY and she told me she lived in Fort Greene before it was Fort Greene and that Bed-Stuy would never change or be gentrified like other neighborhoods. She told me it was safe but "busy" and that it would always be "busy."

Then I do my research as realize Bushwick, even my mom said it was becoming cool to live there, supports loft parties (like at the newish venue Market Hotel), art openings (Factory Fresh Gallery)

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  1. it's still pretty hood there. but rent is relatively cheaper there. (bushwick)

    Try to look into long island city, queens.