Monday, October 13, 2008

Palak Paneer for Jews and Vegetarians

A recipe I tried today with much success to make Palak Paneer (Creamy spinach and cheese cubes.) I substituted the cheese with tofu and added feta cheese. The I put the whole thing in a whole wheat pancake. YUM.

For the main dish:
2 boxes of creamed spinach (we used the Jewish brand in the frozen food section.You know what I mean, Praegers?)
4 potatoes
1 package of firm tofu
1/2 onion
1 cup feta cheese

For the pancake wraps: (Makes 24-26 pancakes, read the box for appropriate servings)
1 box whole wheat pancake mix
2 eggs
2 cups of milk
2 tbsp of oil

1. Bring hot water to a boil, place potatoes and packages of frozen creamed spinach in water. Leave for 12 minutes.
2. Saute onions in a pan with olive oil or save calories and use water and a spray of Pam. Add salt and pepper.
3. Cut package of tofu into sheets and place in oven to bake. Turn over half way through.
4. When spinach is cooked place in casserole dish. Add tofu, onions and potatoes when they are done cooking. Add feta cheese and stir. Place in oven to reheat or to keep warm.

1. Mix pancake ingredients: milk, eggs, oil and pre-packaged flour.
2. Cook on griddle or in a pan.

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