Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pleasure Island

Oh what fun it is to ride on a Bauer's shuttle (party bus, thanks designated driver D.D.) and ride to San Francisco's annual Treasure Island Music Festival. Last year saw acts like M.I.A and experienced the wonder that is Thievery Corporation.

This tiny island 10 minutes from the heart of San Francisco provided beautiful views from a rotating ferry-go-wheel (at $5/pop) or scenic wonders straight on the ground. The background was perfect for Saturday's acts: energetic Hot Chip, Powerhouse CSS, dance-your-ass-off JUSTICE! I even learned about two new artists: Foals and Mike Relm (DJ, mixed M.I.A with Rage Against the Machine. People loved TESTIFY!) 

TV on the Radio was a sexy and powerful set but alas, they did not play Poppy :( 

I can't afford nor do I have the energy to return for day 2 which includes sets by Vampire Weekend, Tegan and Sara and the Raconteurs. OH well. I'm spent. What a wonderful day of music and community art projects on Pleasure Island.

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