Monday, August 18, 2008

Dia: Beacon on the Hudson

I've wanted to check out this art space, located about an hour and a half from Manhattan, for approximately 5 years. That's when I first read about its opening in the New York Times. Today, I was reminded about Dia and its cultural significance when I read about rich Russians buying art and opening their own cultural institutions in the heart of Moscow. Here is the link to that story.

Dia Beacon occupies a 300,000 square foot printing factory. The works to be found there range from 60s and 70s surrealists and pop artists like multimedia artist Dan Flavin, iconic Andy Warhol the monumental sculptures of Richard Serra and the abstraction of Cy Twombly.

For more information about Dia Beacon check out this link.

After checking out new museums in New York like, well, the New Museum on Bowery, I had to blog about Dia because I've had a passion to see it for so long. Next time I'm on the East Coast this will be on my itinerary, even before Six Flags New Jersey.

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